Concert Black Diamond: KAOS – Maribor



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16.12.2016 at 23:00

Concert BD: 5€
Drum Clinic + Concert BD: 10€
Drum Clinic: 8 €

Black Diamond music rehearsal before the upcoming gigs

Black Diamond vaje

We would sleep, but we have to practice.

BD visited Tglam jewelery collection presentation

bd glam

Yesterday we enjoy presenting of top quality jewelry, which had our friend Tina Istenič! Excellent organization, great music and pleasant society. Congratulations Tina, we are very happy for you!

bd glam 2 bd glam 3 bd glam 4 bd glam 5

We Forge Plans


In our ironworks we forge plans to export of iron to foreign countries.

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Jurij Čendak our new member


As we recently got a new guitarist Jurij Čendak, we think it is right that we give a brief introduce. Jurij is a young, but experienced guitarist who loves metal music, seafood and board games. In his spare time he practices martial arts and leading music school as manager on a MetalRock Academy – guitars school.

In Studio Evolucija We Finish a New Song


Today is a very special day for us !! By Simon Jovanovic in studio Evolucija we successfully completed our new song for our second album! Yeeess, we are pleased and excited … delighted.



Black Diamond hard working again

black diamond heavy metal band

After successful music exercises with new guitarist Jurij Čendak, we are having a nice evening at our standard point – Café Cantante Tabor!
black diamond heavy metal band 2

The New Recruit


Well, here we go … The time has come to introduce our new boost! Guitarist Jurij Čendak will replace our Nejc, whose wrist injury has turned out a lot more complicated than we first thought. Nejc (co-founder BD) himself said that this is the only possible and the best solution for all. With him of course, we remain good friends and his contribution to our band will forever indelible! Nejc, thank you for everything …! Jurij already intensively preparing to attack with us autumn stages, as we are expected ! Jurij, welcome and happy with us!

It marks the year of the recording the music video for the song The Edge Of Sanity


It is a year ago of the premiere of our first official video for song The Edge Of Sanity! Thank you once again: Tina Istenic, Valentina Plaskan, Lea Behek, Astrid Kljun, Robi Krsnik, Tomaž Kastelic, An Kosi, Damir Durakovič, Vesna Le Mjau, Matjaž Lenarčič, Lea Pavric, Klemen Markelj, Jaka Berger, video recording team and everyone else who have contributed their lion’s share … BD have not forgotten you!

Black Diamond Tglam collection


Now we have the official collection of jewelry, special made for us by our friend Tina Istenic – Tglam. If you want to have it, contact us on FB profile or E-mail …Believe us, it is an extremely manual work.

Black Diamond pendant is composed out of straight lines, which are united in a closed shape, which resembles the silhouette of a diamond, grasped in metal. Tglam: The Black Diamond collection is formed in cooperation with a Slovenian band of the same name.

The collection comprises: a necklace, Material: Sterling Silver 925