Month: June 2016

The music video anniversary for the song The Edge Of Sanity

It is a year ago of our first official video for the song The Edge Of Sanity! Thanks to all: Tina Istenic, Valentina Plaskan, Lea Behek, Astrid Kljun, Robi Krsnik, Tomaž Kastelic, An Kosi, Damir Durakovič, Vesna Le Mjau, Matjaž Lenarčič, Lea Pavric, Klemen Markelj, Jaka Berger, the video recording team and everyone else who have contributed their lion’s share … BD will not forget you!

Black Diamond Tglam collection

Silver Diamond shape jewerly has been made for us, by our friend Tina Istenic – Tglam.

Black Diamond pendant is composed of straight lines, which are united in a closed shape, which resembles the silhouette of a diamond, grasped in metal. Tglam:

The Black Diamond collection is formed in cooperation with a Slovenian band of the same name.

The collection comprises: a necklace, Material: Sterling Silver 925



Solo recording for a new song

Are you ready? Guitar solo recording for our new song.

Recording percussions with Primoz M. Pimps

This time in recording studio our guest was exceptional percussionist, Primoz M. Pimps. With a range of rhythms showed us why he is one of the best in the country … Tnx maestro, we really enjoyed it!



Recording vocals for new song

This weekend we had fun in the music studio Multi Records where we recorded the vocals with Žak, who showed us once again why he is number one. He is a real animal on vocals.

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