The Slovenian label On Parole Productions has introduced us with great bands from their country. This time we have the Black Diamond, despite the not so original name, the band honors the style of the label producing quality Heavy Metal that will please many fans of the genre.

On the scene since 2005, “Last Man Standing” is the first album of the quintet. Their music is influenced by the best possible bands, such as Iron Maiden and Savatage. The band’s sound is intricate, has a good variety and still flirts with the Prog Metal a bit but is devoid of unnecessary juggling.

The most interesting feature of Black Diamond is the fact that the band walks a line between ‘old school’ and contemporary Metal. For example, the band shows a lot of influence coming from their roots but the compositions do not sound dated. Another fact to be emphasized is that the songs are long most of the time, although do not sound tiring. Another score for the fellas.

It is difficult to single out the best track, as the whole album has a great balance. So I will mention the great guitar riffs by the hands of Nejc Vidmar and Igor Manasljevič with the good and enjoyable vocal of Žanil Tataj. The rhytm section is led by Urban Medič (bass) and Klemen Markelj (drums).

Rating: 8/10

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