One of the first things I noticed when listening to the album, was that the albums artwork did not represent the style of music these Slovenians play. The cover will make you think you’re about to listen to a thrashmetal-oriented band, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.
Most of the songs on their album can be categorised as hard- and progressive rock, are mid-tempo, and bursting with melodic vocals. The powerful vocals of Žanil Tataj Žak are absolutely a plus for this album. Drummer Robert Kovačič is no stranger either as he used to be employed by Belphegor.
If you’re a lover of bombasticly composed songs with an average duration of 7 minutes, you will appreciate listening to this album, as you may also very well want to add it to your collection.
With ‘Last Man Standing’, Black Diamond has carefully tread the path to create a sound of their own. Production of the album is top notch, and I have found a band that I have not been able to fault for the work they’ve done in terms of compositions as well. This is an A-star album!

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